jacy thomson, executive chef

Jacy Thomson, Executive Chef

Born and raised in Seattle, Jacy Thomson has had her finger on the pulse of the culinary community for years. Starting out as line cook at Tallulah’s, Jacy developed her love for cuisine and gained a multitude of skills. Having proven her work ethic, she moved up to lead line cook and eventually executive chef at Tallulah’s, where she utilized her creative experience and promoted her team’s drive. During her career, she also graduated from the FareStart Adult Culinary Program. These experiences led Jacy to Ben Paris, where she started out as sous chef and, after demonstrating her capabilities, took on her new role as executive chef. She is focused on cultivating a positive culture and workplace for all her team members while guiding them with her expert culinary skills and leadership. When she can spare some free time, Jacy enjoys watching shows about the paranormal, getting tattoos and spending quality time with her two daughters, Abrianna, 22, and Ellie Mae, 8.

bailey jeanne clarke, sous chef

Bailey Jeanne Clarke, Sous Chef

Bailey Jeanne Clarke brings passion and depth of experience in the culinary world to Ben Paris. Having grown up just a bridge away from Seattle, on Mercer Island, Bailey has extensive knowledge of the local cuisine and culture. She started her career at Roberto’s Pizza and Pasta, where she proved her loyalty to the culinary craft, creating pizzas for 12 years. Bailey took her passion to the next level by serving as lead line cook (and later as sous chef) at Nordstrom’s Café. Her career continued to develop as she joined Queen Beer Hall as sous chef, then Tallulah’s as lead line cook before applying her leadership skills running a Georgetown restaurant. Along her journey, she discovered Ben Paris and served as line cook before achieving the sous chef position, to which she brings her collected nature, which allows her to thrive under pressure. She leads her team by motivating them and challenging them to achieve their goals. Bailey matches Ben Paris’ desire to serve an exceptional culinary experience to the community. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and, like a true PNW outdoor enthusiast, she enjoys fishing and skiing among other outdoor activities, as well as traveling. Bailey also uses her spare time to explore different cooking techniques for fun as well as making homemade pickles.

lauren cooper, pastry chef

Lauren Cooper, Pastry Chef

Lauren Cooper was born in Seoul, South Korea, and raised in Olympia, WA, but her culinary pursuits have led her to Seattle. Lauren received her associate degree in pastry and baking at Seattle Central Community College in 2008. From there, she became a pastry chef at RN74 Seattle, where she created a variety of baked goods and desserts. This was the first of many pastry chef positions that Lauren had, including roles at the esteemed restaurants Rock Creek, the Thompson Hotel and Hitchcock. Lauren now brings her extensive baking and dessert experience to Ben Paris, where as pastry chef she enjoys elevating the menu with sweet creations as well as collaborative work with her colleagues. During her time off, Lauren takes joy in watching horror movies, reading and hiking in the region’s nature.